• The INDEF GC Series Chain Hoists
    When a robust, high-tech chain hoist is designed like
    a work of art, the result is revolutionary

    Indef GC Chain Hoists: Redefining Material Handling

  • When light is strong!
    Presenting the extraordinary carbon-fibre pivot arm
    manipulators from Indef-Zasche

    Indef-Zasche Manipulators: Redefining Material Handling

  • The INDEF UR Series
    Unveiling the new standard for wire rope hoists.

    Indef UR Hoists: Redefining Material Handling

  • The international standard intelligent standard crane
    from Indef

    Indef Icranes - The Science of Buliding Cranes

  • Powering the nation...
    Material handling in power plants:
    Powered by Indef

    Wire Rope Hoists Flame Proof Hoists Cranes Mechanical Hoists Winches